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“Tofu, the building blocks of Twin Oaks Community”


By Joe Yonan, May 2013

“My first exposure to Twin Oaks was through the tofu, which I started buying a few years back and appreciate for its fresh, clean flavor and firm, easy-to-work-with texture. When I met a couple of residents offering samples of the product at the Whole Foods Market on P Street several months ago, their friendly energy made me interested in learning more. . .”  Read More


Photo by The Washington Post

twin oaks tofu

“Income-Sharing Community Expands Tofu Business”

NBC 29

June 2013

“At Twin Oaks, the biggest business used to be making hammocks. Now it’s the perfect recipe for tofu . . . each product brings in around $1 million a year. They now make 1,500 pounds of tofu on a regular production day, and it’s one of the most labor-intensive jobs on the farm. . .”  Read More

“Communes still thrive decades after the ’60s…”

Aljazeera America

by Katie Gilbert,  December 2014

“Today, tofu-making is Twin Oaks’ biggest business, and it’s growing, though there are concerns within the community that ‘out in the mainstream,’ as Twin Oaks members put it, tofu is a trendy food whose popularity could soon come to an end. Apparently opting out of consumer culture doesn’t preclude the need to spend plenty of time thinking about consumer trends. . .”  Read More

twin oaks community

Twin Oaks Community photo by Lexey Swall / GRAIN for Al Jazeera America

Photo courtesy of chloelim on Flickr

“Don’t be afraid of tofu”

The Roanoke Times

By Christina Nifong, January 2015

“In Virginia, we even have a local tofu option. Twin Oaks, an intentional living community based in Louisa, makes 16-ounce blocks of organic tofu that are sold at the Roanoke Natural Foods Co-op and are the preferred tofu of every chef I spoke with for this story. ‘It’s so fresh,’ says Chris Parkhurst, chef and owner of Firefly Fare in Roanoke’s City Market Building. Twin Oaks ‘uses only organic, American-grown soybeans. They’ve been making tofu for a long time and they really know what they’re doing’. . .”  Read More

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Benji from Twin Oaks taking food blogger Kath on a tour of the Twin Oaks Community.

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