We make great tofu

Twin Oaks Community Foods has been making organic soyfoods since 1991. Only fresh, healthy ingredients go into our soyfoods: local Virginia-grown organic NON-GMO soybeans; fresh, chlorine-free, non-flouridated artisan well water; and the best quality herbs available. Twin Oaks Tofu and soyfoods can be found in gourmet groceries, delis, cafes, restaurants, schools, and colleges up and down the East Coast.

Our tasty organic Twin Oaks Tofu includes: Original Plain Extra-Firm Tofu, Fine Herb Extra-Firm Tofu, and Italian Herb Extra-Firm Tofu; Extra-Chewy Breakfast Style Vegetarian Sausage, Extra-Chewy Chorizo Vegetarian Sausage (caliente!), and wickedly delicious Wild Mushroom Okara Spread; our signature Twin Oaks Tempeh, and the Sunergia “More than Tofu” line of herbed and seasoned soyfoods: Peanut & Ginger Tofu, Indian Masala Tofu, Spicy Thai Tofu, Garlic Shiitake Tofu, Spinach Jalapeno Tofu, Italian Herb Tofu, and Pesto Tofu.

We make them all right here at Twin Oaks Community. No forced labor or burnt-out workers here. Everyone at Twin Oaks who devotes time to making tofu and soyfood products is voluntarily participating in the Twin Oaks Community Foods worker’s cooperative, and it shows! We like working together to create such an amazing food, and are happy to be making lives and meals healthier and happier.

Twin Oaks members rotate cooking duties for about one hundred folks on the farm every day, and they usually manage to put together some incredible meals. Check out our homegrown Twin Oaks Recipes for amazing ideas on how to cook tofu, and what to cook for any occasion.

Twin Oaks is based on a sustainable green living model; we grow most of our own food organically, practice resource-sharing (bikes, cars, buildings, meals, and everything else!), and make time for community caring and cooperation. Buying Twin Oaks Tofu is a good way to feel ethical about your food.

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We make our ready-to-eat “More Than Tofu” with organic tofu, herbs, spices, and vegetables marinated in special sauces. more

Fresh, healthy ingredients go into making Twin Oaks Tofu delicious: local organic NON-GMO soybeans; fresh, artisan well water; and the best quality herbs available. more

Twin Oaks Tempeh is a yummy, chewy, robust soyfood made from cooked soybeans—fermented and cultured. Twin Oaks Tempeh is certified USDA Organic