So, what is Twin Oaks?

<strong>Twin Oaks is an egalitarian, resource-sharing eco-village. </strong>Since 1967, people have come to the fields & forests of Twin Oaks to share life and work, and participate in a secular society embracing cooperation, nonviolence, equality, and ecology. That's more than 40 years of good vibes.


Twin Oaks is an egalitarian, resource-sharing eco-village. Since 1967, people have come to the fields and forests of Twin Oaks to share life and work, and participate in a secular society embracing cooperation, nonviolence, equality, and ecology. That’s more than 45 years of good vibes.

We’re not centered around a religion or a charismatic guru. That’s not what Twin Oaks is about. We may get close to worshiping a dinner made from our tofu and organic garden fare, but that’s as far as it goes. Twin Oaks members are a very diverse lot and believe in different things. Limiting this is not something Twin Oaks Community is interested in.

What are we interested in? Living a more meaningful, sustainable, ecofriendly life. We govern ourselves by a form of social democracy and shared responsibility among various managers, planners, and committees. Each member works 42 hours a week in the community’s business and domestic areas. We all share housing, food, and resources like vehicles, computers, tools, internet access, furniture, appliances, etc. We aim to consume less and are conscious about living lightly upon the Earth. Each member gets a personal allowance each month based on the community income. We enjoy working and living together (except for random crabby days) and are grateful for the chance Twin Oaks gives us to live in a more meaningful, responsible life.


A Worker-Owned Cooperative

Our tofu business generates much of Twin Oaks income. Members who want to make tofu volunteer to be involved in the process and often devote a large part of their time to it. We take pride in making a really good healthy food in an eco-friendly atmosphere. We eat a lot of our own tofu too… Almost every day! So we are very focused on quality and consistency in our tofu and soyfoods.

The balance of community income is made by Twin Oaks Hammocks, indexing books, and helping in an heirloom seed business run by Acorn (another intentional community located nearby). We’re self-supporting economically and share all income. Our businesses are all run as worker-owned cooperatives. In the end, less than half of our daily work goes into income-producing areas, and that makes life different at Twin Oaks. Most of our labor hours go into tasks that enhance and embrace the simple quality of life at Twin Oaks—gardening, cooking, cleaning, milking cows, feeding chickens, repairing barns, chopping wood, making cheese and caring for each other. Most people do a variety of work, rather than the same thing day in and day out. Social life, creativity in all forms, the desire for human insight and personal growth are also respected here. Personal responsibility is important as is personal accountability and honesty.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about Twin Oaks and for your consideration in purchasing Twin Oaks products. Each time you do, you’re helping Twin Oaks Community members perpetuate a sustainable egalitarian eco-village formed in 1967 with an emphasis on non-violence, cooperation and eco-consciousness.

Want to come see Twin Oaks for yourself? We have a Saturday tour on most weekends. To make a reservation, call 540-894-5126 Ext. 0. Office hours are Monday-Friday, 9-12 12:30-5:30, Saturday 9-12 12:30-3, EST.

We also have a 3-week visitor period for those interested in becoming a member. Discover more about Twin Oaks Community at