Tofu lovin’ bloggers

<strong>It's so cool when people discover Twin Oaks tofu. </strong>And it's even cooler when we find out about it.

It’s so cool when people discover Twin Oaks Tofu. And it’s even cooler when we find out about it.

Here, we’ll introduce you to some bloggers who have raved about our tofu & soyfoods. Generally they are attractive people who like sunsets, long walks on the beach, and speed-metal 80s music. Or not. But whatever, they love Twin Oaks Tofu.


Meet Kath at

Kath began blogging in March of 2006 when she set out to lose 30 pounds. A year and a half later, at the request of family and friends, she started a photo blog of recipes and meals, finally moving it to her own domain. She started out with only five readers, but her enjoyable posts & great recipes have built a loyal following. As she lost weight and felt better, her goals grew to include going back to school to become a Registered Dietitian, which she succeeded at in August 2010. She’s a total inspiration. And a really nice person, too.

She contacted Twin Oaks because she loved our tofu and wanted to come to the community for a Saturday Tour. So, Benji showed Kath & Matt around Twin Oaks, talked with them about our sustainable lifestyle and eco-friendly culture, explained our total dedication and devotion to tofu, and sent them home with a goodie bag. A happy time was had by all. Read about it at

Kath has created lots of recipes to keep healthy. It doesn’t hurt that her well-planned dishes are awesomely delicious, either! And she loves Twin Oaks Tofu. Check out You can get healthy, get happy, and love Twin Oaks Tofu, too. (Do you sense a link between all of these things?)


Kath & Matt at Twin Oaks Community. Yep, we made them lunch, too. Tofu, naturally!

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Meet blogger Rachel Fesperman.

She’s a fifth-year vegetarian, a first-year vegan, and a coordinator for the Sustainability Living Learning Community at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Says Rachel, “To me,  food is art.  And art is life.  And I believe in doing it all as sustainably as possible.”

And she loves Twin Oaks Tofu. Ergo, our tofu is art, it’s life and—apparently—it’s sexy. So check out supersexysustainability, Rachel’s excellent blog.

Images in this post courtesy of Rachel Fesperman at supersexysustainability.