More than Tofu: Saucy, seasoned, ready to eat

“More Than Tofu” is seasoned Twin Oaks Tofu in seven delicious flavors: Peanut & Ginger Tofu, Indian Masala Tofu, Spicy Thai Tofu, Garlic Shiitake Tofu, Spinach Jalapeno Tofu, Italian Herb Tofu, and Pesto Tofu, all featuring ancient grains quinoa and amaranth.

Twin Oaks Community Foods has been making and distributing “More Than Tofu” since 2005 for our friend Jon at Sunergia. In 2011 we purchased Sunergia, and we’re excited we have these amazing seasoned tofu blends in our Twin Oaks Community Foods product line.

“More Than Tofu” is ready to eat right from the package, so it’s a great convenience for busy folks. Because it is seasoned and marinated when we make it, adding it to recipes or enjoying it in fresh dishes is quick and easy. Enjoy the Soy!