“Best tofu ever”

Organic Extra Firm Twin Oaks Tofu Sub Sandwich

“Your Wild Mushroom spread is AMAZING in won-ton wrappers with a simple dumpling dipping sauce!”
Robin Serene


I am a total fan of your tofu. It’s so good that I special order it through Organic Harvest in Birmingham, AL. It makes incredible smoked tofu that we use in place of bacon/sausage.”
Laura Second

Best Tofu EVER!!!! cannot wait to eat some tonight.”
Bonnie Grissom

 “Ever since I discovered your extra-firm plain tofu a few months ago, we’ve been happily scarfing it down every couple of weeks. This compares to our previous pattern of having tofu 3-4 times a year because my SO* doesn’t particularly like it and complained if we had it too often. His immediate reaction the first time I served it was to enthusiastically exclaim, ‘I never thought I’d be saying this, but if it’s this kind, we can have tofu all the time!’ Thanks for making a great product.”
Mary H.

*SO=Significant Other


“Twin Oaks Tofu is the best tofu ever. I can’t imagine cooking with any other kind of tofu. And I cook a lot of tofu!”
Karen Smede-Volgun


“Twin Oaks Italian Herb is really great to cook with. It’s really great raw. I love to cook and it’s really easy to add Twin Oaks Italian Herb to dishes and have it taste even better. It will make the dish taste better than without it. The herbs are just perfect.”
Maggie Z.


“I absolutely love your tofu! Recently I posted a recipe that incorporated your tofu. I am anxious to try some of your other products that I have not yet enjoyed. Thanks for making such a great product and I look forward to many more delicious Twin Oaks Tofu recipes!”
Melissa Matheny from eatingtolivelovelaughtri


“I have really loved trying all the different flavors :)

“Veggie Love adores y’alls tofu!
We got a free sample at Asheville Vegfest and think it’s so divine and firm :)”
Alison Claire Murphy

“Twin Oaks Tofu has completely rocked my world… Hands down, the best tofu brand I’ve ever had.”

Rachel Fesperman at supersexysustainability.blogspot.com


“Hi Twin Oaks.  I picked up some of your herbed tofu… and it was awesome!
Amy from amytozucchini


“I just had some of your Spicy Thai tofu and it was amazing!”
Tanya Michelle Seibold


“Congrats! Your tofu is the best ever!”
The Jolly Végétale


Twin Oaks is my wife’s absolute favorite tofu. Rarely does our refrigerator not have at least one block ready for a recipe.”
Ron B.


“Delicious tofu!”
Sally Curtis Wimberley


“I’m a big fan of your tofu and always buy it over Nasoya since it’s local and there’s no plastic tub which isn’t recyclable where I live.”
Susan Moss


“Just had your Indian Masala–amazing. First time trying your products. I pan fried it in a tiny bit of EVOO, while sauteing bok choy, red pepper and onions/garlic. Cut it up and mixed in in – seasoned the whole thing with Tamari and curry powder (which I never mixed together before) a bit of sherry and chicken stock. Fantastic. Going to try all of the varieties next time at Whole Foods. Great job!!!”
Barbara Kimmel