Healthy has never

tasted this good.



What We Make

At Twin Oaks Community Foods in Louisa, Virginia, we craft our soy products using only non-GMO, local soybeans; fresh, artisanal well water (no fluoride or chlorides); and organically-grown herbs and seasonings.

Extra Firm Tofu

Chefs and home cooks swear by Twin Oaks Tofu. “Extra Firm” means no pressing and no extra work to prepare Twin Oaks Tofu for cooking. 

“More Than Tofu”

Our delicious spiced, herbed and marinated “More Than Tofu” comes in seven flavors, including Peanut & Ginger and Spicy Thai. 




Whole, fermented soy beans give our tempeh a deeply satisfying, earthy flavor as well as a high content of protein, dietary fiber and vitamins.

Sharing our business,

sharing our lives.

Who We Are

Twin Oaks Community Foods is a cooperative business run by the Twin Oaks Community, an income-sharing intentional community of 95 adults and 15 children living on 350 acres in rural central Virginia. Since the community’s beginning in 1967, our way of life has reflected our values of cooperation, sharing, nonviolence, equality, and ecology. Our primary businesses are Twin Oaks Community Foods and Twin Oaks Hammocks. We use use a trust-based labor system in which all work is valued equally.

About Us

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